Building performance Institute is a prestigious organization always follows eco friendly methods to upgrade homes and business premises to achieve energy efficiency. According to the new proposed home star program demand for BPI certification is increased and many people are opting certification courses from the reputed BPI certified affiliates. 

BPI certification is mandatory for the homeowner to claim the rebate and tax discounts under home star program. Only a certified BPI energy auditor can give recommendations about up gradation of the homes. Many certified affiliates are offering training regarding energy auditing. With the new proposal act demand for residential energy efficiency retrofit and weatherization professional is increasing.

The entire professional who is skilled can gain benefit from this certification course and can make their future in green building industry. All the certified affiliates are offering training at cost to cost basis with network of experts. They provide both class room theory and hand on field training. They are even providing comprehensive online courses which are none scheduled and can be learnt at any time.

Building Performance Institute standards help to provide quality and consistency in all methods. All the certified professionals and weatherization work force follow the same standards with the same strict protocols. By following BPI certification every homeowner can avail rebates and discounts on retrofitting and up gradation.

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